Additional file 13: of Overexpression of OsAGO1b Induces Adaxially Rolled Leaves by Affecting Leaf Abaxial Sclerenchymatous Cell Development in Rice

Figure S10. The phenotypes of OsAGO1a, OsAGO1c and OsAGO1d overexpression lines and their expression levels of OSHBs. (A-C) Phenotypes of 30-day-old seedlings of ZH11 and OsAGO1a, OsAGO1c and OsAGO1d overexpression lines, scale bars = 10 cm. (D) Relative expression of OSHBs. The fourth leaves of 30-day-old seedlings from wild-type Zhonghua 11 (ZH11) and each transgenic line were used for RNA extration. The expression level of each gene was normalized to 1 in WT. OsActin1 (XM_015774830) was used as an internal standard to normalize the expression levels of detected genes. OE-AGO1 indicated AGO1 overexprssion lines. Error bars represent standard deviations among replicates (n = 3). * P < 0.05 (one-way ANOVA). (TIF 7387 kb)