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Additional file 13: of Formation of chimeric genes with essential functions at the origin of eukaryotes

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posted on 13.03.2018, 05:00 by RaphaĂŤl MĂŠheust, Debashish Bhattacharya, Jananan Pathmanathan, James McInerney, Philippe Lopez, Eric Bapteste
Figure S10. S-gene family 18,563. A. Component architecture and phylogenetic tree of S-gene family 18,563. Family 18,563 is composed of one component (RNA methyltransferase (MTase)) of archaeal origin according to our BLASTp taxonomic assignment and two domains of eukaryotic origins (for the phylogenetic tree, blue: SAR, red: Archaeplastida, purple: Opisthokonta, cyan: Haptophyta, orange: Amoebozoa, blue-green: Discoba) (13 sequences, 599 sites, model LG + I + G4, 1000 ultrafast bootstraps). B. ML phylogenetic tree of the MTase component (green: Eukarya, blue: Archaea, red: Bacteria, black circle: bootstraps > 80%) (113 sequences, 146 sites, model LG + I + G4, 1000 ultrafast bootstraps). (PNG 2662 kb)


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