Additional file 13: of Development and clinical application of an integrative genomic approach to personalized cancer therapy

A gzipped tarball (.tgz file) of VCF files containing somatic mutations (i.e. present exclusively in tumor) for the 25 patients (one VCF file per patient) on whom paired normal/tumor WES was carried out and whose consents permitted public release of the full variant call data. For patients where multiple assays were carried out (WGS, WES, targeted panel, PacBio validation for troubleshooting), the VCF file contains the final variant call set where any discordance amongst the assays was resolved. Only mutations altering amino acid sequence (missense, nonsense, canonical splice site, indel) in a canonical isoform of a gene are given. Mutations are included that are not explicitly reported in returned findings due to lack of known relevance to cancer. Mutations rejected during our manual review protocol are not included. Thus, VCFs may contain mutations that were not manually reviewed. Three patients (P0009, P0025, and P0040) have two tumor specimens available, therefore those VCFs are multi-sample and report which mutations are recurrent among tumors and which are not; the rest are single-sample. (ZIP 37 kb)