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Additional file 12: Figure S7. of Transformation of enriched mammary cell populations with polyomavirus middle T antigen influences tumor subtype and metastatic potential

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posted on 01.10.2015, 05:00 by Daria Drobysheva, Brittni Smith, Maria McDowell, Katrin Guillen, Huseyin Ekiz, Bryan Welm
Enriched MEC populations metastasize to lung. Representative fluorescence images of lungs from mice that received tail vein injections of metastatic luminal CD133+ tumor cells (tumor 1), nonmetastatic luminal CD133+ tumor cells (tumor 2), or metastatic luminal CD133− tumor cells (tumors 3 and 4). Lungs were examined 3 weeks after the tail vein injection. Fluorescent black-and-white lung images were false-colored green in ImageJ software and overlaid on a black background. (TIFF 2284 kb)


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