Additional file 12: Figure S6. of Integrated analysis of miRNA and mRNA expression profiles in tilapia gonads at an early stage of sex differentiation

Flowchart depicting the workflow for pre-miRNA prediction. A blastn similarity search of these pre-miRNAs against the tilapia genomic sequences [47] with an E-value cutoff of 0.001. The blastn hits were then manually inspected and compared with their query sequences in order to extract adjacent nucleotides (~30 bp) in both directions that might form part of the pre-miRNA. RNA secondary structure of the cichlid putative miRNA sequences was predicted using Mfold [75] to ensure proper stem–loop folding. A reciprocal blastn of the tilapia pre-miRNAs against known teleost pre-miRNAs was performed to identify the tilapia miRNA and to assign orthology. (TIF 1123 kb)