Additional file 12: Figure S6. of Cleavage modification did not alter blastomere fates during bryozoan evolution

Development of M. membranacea under different concentrations of the MEK inhibitor U0126. (A) Maximum intensity projection of a confocal stack for the most representative phenotype of each U0126 treatment. Ratio in the lower left corner shows the number of embryos scored for the shown phenotype versus the total number of embryos in the treatment. Phenotypes in an additional seawater-only treatment (no DMSO) were indistinguishable from DMSO control and had a ratio of 31/37 (not shown). (B) Measurements for the number of nuclei (y axis), embryo width (point size), and embryo height (color scale) for the confocal scans of (A). Each colored point represents one embryo, the black rhombus and error bars shows the mean number of nuclei with standard error. Number of embryos scanned and measured per treatment: DMSO = 3, 1 μM = 3, 10 μM = 5, 25 μM = 4. In all treatments, U0126 was added at 3 hpa (2-cell stage), the embryos developed at 10 °C and were fixed at 44 hpa. Scale bars = 20 μm. Raw data and code to generate the plot are available at [172]. (PNG 829 kb)