Additional file 12: Figure S6. of A rapid and affordable screening platform for membrane protein trafficking

Dexamethasone does not directly bind Lgr5. Membrane proteins were extracted from U2OS cells stably expressing WT Lgr5, Lgr5/V2r, or control cells expressing human neurotensin-2 (NTR2). (h + c) Lgr5 extracts were incubated with 10 μM dexamethasone (c: cold) washed and then incubated with 3H-dexamethasone (h: hot). (hot) Lgr5 extracts were incubated with 10 μM 3H-dexamethasone. As a control NTR2 binding experiments were similarly performed with hot 10 nM 3H-neurotensin or cold neurotensin. As expected, pre-incubation with cold neurotensin reduces binding of hot ligand. Specific binding of dexamethasone was not observed for Lgr5 or in the negative control NTR2. (PDF 40 kb)