Additional file 12: Figure S12. of Glymphatic distribution of CSF-derived apoE into brain is isoform specific and suppressed during sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation reduces the dextran radial distribution and 125I-apoE inflow from CSF into brain. A-B) Representative images of cascade blue dextran (CB) in mice on normal sleep cycle (A) and in mice during sleep deprivation (SD) (B). Cascade blue dextran (10 kDa) was injected into cisterna magna and the mice perfusion fixed (PFA) at 15 min. The vasculature was outline by lectin (green). Scale bars 100 μm (A-B). C) 125I-ApoE2 (yellow column), 125I-apoE3 (red column) and 125I-apoE4 (orange column) inflow into brain from the CSF were reduced in SD mice. D) 14C-inulin inflow into brain from the CSF was reduced with SD and not affected by apoE isoforms. 125I-ApoE (10 nM) and 14C-inulin were intracisternally injected and the brain analyzed for radioactivity. Values are mean ± SEM. N = 6 mice per group. (EPS 15099 kb)