Additional file 12: Figure S10. of Systemic inflammation disrupts oligodendrocyte gap junctions and induces ER stress in a model of CNS manifestations of X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

Lack of oligodendrocyte apoptosis after LPS-induced neuroinflammation in Cx32 mutant mice. Images of fixed longitudinal sections of cerebellar white matter double stained with apoptosis marker caspase-3 (red) along with oligodendrocyte marker CC1 (green) and counter stained with DAPI (blue). Caspase-3 immunoreactivity does not increase in LPS-tissues (b, d, f) compared to saline controls (a, c, e) in any of the three genotypes, indicating lack of oligodendrocyte apoptosis up to 1 week after LPS-induced inflammation. Scale bar: 50 Οm. (TIF 8299 kb)