Additional file 11: of Proteomic analysis of Medulloblastoma reveals functional biology with translational potential

Figure S7. Expression of CALD1 isoforms in medulloblastoma tumors. The protein expression level of CALD1 isoforms in medulloblastoma subgroups is confirmed at the epigenetic (H3K27Ac Chip-seq) and mRNA level. a) Schematic representation of CALD1 isoforms. b) H3K27Ac Chip-seq genome tracks in medulloblastoma tumors. Active transcription region marks (H3K27Ac) are observed in the alternative transcription start site for the isoforms HeLa l-CaD I and II correlating with higher expression of these protein isoforms. c) Boxplots representing the mRNA expression levels for CALD1 isoforms. (PDF 2.2 mb)