Additional file 11: of Does osteogenic potential of clonal human bone marrow mesenchymal stem/stromal cells correlate with their vascular supportive ability?

Figure S8. CFU-F clones with AOC tri-lineage differentiation potential and differing vascular tubule supportive capacity selected for RNA sequencing. Clonal cultures from 3 different bone marrow donors were categorised into groups based on their AOC differentiation potential and this potency plotted against their ability to support day 14 vascular tubule formation in co-culture assays with HUVEC as measured by the total tubule length. The total tubule length was normalised as a percentage of that obtained using a control non CFU-F selected hBM MSC sample (Control) which was set at 100%. The bar represents the mean total tubule length (TTL) for each lineage subgroup. The red coloured dots were clones from the AOC subset selected for sorting and RNA sequencing. (TIF 205 kb)