Additional file 11: of Combination therapy with c-met inhibitor and TRAIL enhances apoptosis in dedifferentiated liposarcoma patient-derived cells

Figure S9. c-Met and rhTRAIL receptor expression levels in DDLPS. PDCs. c-Met inhibitor PF upregulated expression levels of c-Met in DDLPS PDCs. The expression levels of DcR1, DcR2, DR4, DR5, and c-Met were analyzed by flow cytometry after DMSO (vehicle: shaded gray histogram) and PF (5 μM: bold black open histogram) treatment for 48 h, as shown in the upper column (a). c-Met expression levels in LPS224, LPS246, 11GS-013, 11GS-079, 11GS-099, 11GS-106 and 11GS-076 cells were analyzed by flow cytometry (b). (PPTX 513 kb)