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Additional file 10: of Grapevine comparative early transcriptomic profiling suggests that Flavescence dorĂŠe phytoplasma represses plant responses induced by vector feeding in susceptible varieties

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posted on 26.06.2019 by Nadia Bertazzon, Paolo Bagnaresi, Vally Forte, Elisabetta Mazzucotelli, Luisa Filippin, Davide Guerra, Antonella Zechini, Luigi Cattivelli, Elisa Angelini
IGV read mapping patterns on validation set genes. Read mapping patterns over Pinot noir reference for the eight genes of the validation set (ID on the bottom of each panel) for Tocai friulano and Chardonnay. All alignment files for all conditions were separately merged for T. friulano and Chardonnay and loaded on IGV (Integrative Genome Viewer). Mapped reads are colored in red or blue depending on their mapping on sense or antisense strand, respectively. Above each read mapping row, a further row summarizes the total amount of mapping reads (autoscaled to best fit data). Colored spikes in this same row (the actual color depends on base involved) indicate SNPs, which are reported in case that at least 40% of the reads shares the SNP. (PNG 1591 kb)


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