Additional file 10: of Genome-wide association multi-locus and multi-variate linear mixed models reveal two linked loci with major effects on partial resistance of apricot to bacterial canker

Marker haplotype composition of the apricot core-collection considering all detected loci. Groups of markers were constructed by considering all detected loci for each phenotype according to G and G × Y BLUPs. For markers, 0,1 and 2 are allelic codes according to minor allele dose. (i) Global G BLUPs from multi-year and within-year models associated with the haplotype. (ii) P-value of association between haplotype and trait. (iii) Number of accessions carrying the haplotype. (iv) Mean (± standard deviation) of associated trait per haplotype. (v) Post-hoc group mean comparison test (HSD α = 5%). HSD post-hoc tests were performed on G BLUPs from the multi-year and within-year models considering all haplotypes classes with n > 2. Green and red cases: extreme group values related to partially resistant and susceptible accessions for each phenotype. For haplotypes carried by only one individual, assessment was performed in comparison with significantly different groups from HSD post-hoc tests. Bold values show outliers in individual haplotypes from the extreme groups (values over the mean ± standard deviation of the extreme significant groups issued from HSD post-hoc tests). (XLSX 19 kb)