Additional file 10: of A map of gene expression in neutrophil-like cell lines

Summary of enriched gene annotations for the set of genes upregulated in the presence of Nutridoma. This Excel file contains two sheets. The first contains a set of genes determined to be upregulated in differentiation with Nutridoma relative to differentiation with DMSO alone. This gene set was selected based on a mean log10 normalized expression value of at least − 1 across our differentiation samples, and a minimum 3-fold upregulation in each Nutridoma differentiation sample compared to its corresponding DMSO differentiation sample (for both PLB-985 and HL-60 cells). The table contains NCBI GeneIDs, Ensembl GeneIDs, gene names, and the mean log10 normalized expression values in Nutridoma and DMSO differentiation samples. Sheet 2 contains a summary of annotations enriched in for this set of upregulated genes. Annotation enrichment was calculated using the DAVID online gene annotation analysis tool [41]. (XLSX 34 kb)