Additional file 10: Figure S6. of Xeno- and feeder-free differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to two distinct ocular epithelial cell types using simple modifications of one method

Human iPSC-LESCs derived from the hiPSC2 line showed epithelial morphology and LESC marker expression at A) day 22 of differentiation, B) day 26 (in total) after cryopreservation (4 days post-thaw, 112 days frozen), and C) day 34 (in total) after cryopreservation and additional replating. Cells showed epithelial morphology in phase contrast (A) and bright field (BF) images, and expression of LESC markers PAX6, p40, p63α, cytokeratins 15 (CK15), and 14 (CK14), but no expression of mature corneal cytokeratins 12 and 3. Scale bars = 100 μm for all images. (TIF 7742 kb)