Additional file 10: Figure S5. of Quantitative proteomics of the tobacco pollen tube secretome identifies novel pollen tube guidance proteins important for fertilization

Prediction of transmembrane helices (TMHs) in pollen tube-secreted proteins and LocTree-associated GO terms. a Analysis of TMHs of pollen tube-secreted proteins using TMHMM algorithms. Right: validation of TMHMM algorithms using sequences from known Arabidopsis pollen tube plasma membrane proteins (ACA9, ANX1, ANX2, KRP2, KRP4) and non-TMH-containing pollen tube palmitoylated plasma membrane proteins LIP1 and LIP2 as controls. The absence of TMHs in pollen tube-secreted proteins also supports their potential secretion to the apoplast and extracellular matrix. b Independent prediction of pollen tube-secreted protein subcellular localization using the TargetP database. c Representative GO terms associated with the corresponding LocTree-predicted localization (Additional file 9: Figure S4) derived from PSI-Blast of pollen tube-secreted proteins. (TIF 780 kb)