Additional file 10: Figure S10. of HiCPlotter integrates genomic data with interaction matrices

2015-09-21T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Kadir Akdemir Lynda Chin
An example region for no significant change in Hi-C maps even though linear genomic signal changes. a Hi-C contact maps are visualized as heatmaps for GM12878 and K562 cells. Histograms representing DNAseI hypersensitivity (b), RNA-Seq expression (c) and Repli-Seq signals (d) for each type. e Tiles mark chromatin states (yellow for enhancers, green for transcribed, and purple for heterochromatin regions) with ChromHMM inside the visualized genomic segment. The targeted locus is highlighted with the green shaded column. (PDF 157 kb)